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Introduction to The Computer Coach Inc. and the services we offer.

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An easy-to-use form to submit any questions or comments you may have or to book training.

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Upcoming local events of interest to the IT community.  Links to other sites for software news/ updates.

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How to apply and submit your on-line skills matrix.  Specific CC staffing needs are listed here.

Consulting Services
Information about our areas of expertise for your software development needs.

Training Services
Detailed information regarding courses and pricing options.

Service Policies
The type and level of service you can expect from us.

We realize that in order to be productive you must have the proper
training to obtain the best value from your computer and software.
We know that you are busy with your job or company and therefore
you need us to work around
your schedule.  This is why we say,
You pick the time and place.  We will be there!"

The Computer Coach provides training in Windows and Macintosh environments.
We train on:

  • Internet usage and development
  • Accounting packages
  • Programming
  • Database software
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Integrated Applications
  • Graphics programs
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Desktop Publishing

We offer offer a wide variety of courses ranging from basic computer skills to
highly technical.  The courses vary from operating systems (Windows XP/2000,
Macintosh, UNIX, etc.) to programming languages and databases (PowerBuilder,
Oracle, Sybase, Delphi, Visual Basic, HTML,  Java, JavaScript, C, C++, etc.)
to common office software (such as Lotus 123, WordPerfect, MS Office 2000/XP/2003 --
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook etc.) to accounting packages (i.e.
M.Y.O.B., Simply Accounting or QuickBooks) to internet development (HTML, Java,
JavaScript) and graphics tools (like Page Maker, Front Page, Corel Draw,
PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, and AutoCAD).

The product you need training on is not listed above??

Call us at (403) 274-1200 and we will likely be able to help!  This is not a
complete list of our training offerings!  We customize our training to meet your
specific needs and help you to solve your current business problem with

Vert. Purple Line
We have a large number of instructors that we call upon to teach
for us.  They have a great deal of experience teaching and using
software packages.  Our technical trainers have extensive experience
using the technology they are training in from development projects.
We will ensure that the RIGHT instructor will be selected for your
course.  The Computer Coach specializes in one-on-one and custom
training, but we also have extensive experience with teaching and
coordinating large group training sessions.  We will prepare a course
on whatever YOU want to learn about.  When you or your company
have a training requirement, call, fax or email us and we will
set up a course tailored to your specific needs.

We travel to your location (whether it be HOME or OFFICE) at the
time most convenient FOR YOU.  Don't hesitate to contact us
if you have any questions about the training we can provide for you.

Price List

One-on-One Training

Training or Consulting..........................$65-75/hr
Intermediate & Advanced
Training or Consulting..........................$75-95/hr
Customized Training
Services......................................Please call
Vert. Purple Line Group Training

Cost based on number of students
and facilities required.  We are
competitive with other training
institutions in the Calgary area.
Please call us for a quote.

** We minimum bill for 2 hours for all our training and consulting services to cover the cost of travel.

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