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Introduction to The Computer Coach Inc. and the services we offer.

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The Computer Coach Inc. provides consulting services (on both hardware and software).  We also provide custom software and database development services.  We specialize in database design, OOA&D and business object programming.

Our employees have a great deal of experience in object-oriented systems analysis and design, project management, software development, implementation and maintenance.  We have staff with over 15 years of experience in the Information Technologies industry.  Our staff has software development experience in many business areas.  On these projects our clients have experienced our extensive  expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, database design, software development/implementation  and end-user training/support.  The Computer Coach has many years of experience in developing corporate applications.  We are very familiar with the Systems Development Lifecycle and minimizing costs within through proper project management strategies.  Our many years of experience is brought to every project we undertake as we work very closely as a team.

Hire us and reap the rewards from our extensive experience developing custom object-oriented database and web-based applications.  We always ensure that any product we deliver to our clients is well-designed with an easy-to-use GUI front end.

We have many years of experience with SQL databases such as Oracle, Sybase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS Access and more.  On the database side, we specialize in re-designing databases that have been poorly architected (and therefore had degraded access time).  We have successfully re-designed them so they perform at the best of their capabilities.

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Some of the many  programming and website development languages that Computer Coach staff have extensive experience with include:,, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, C/C++, PowerScript (PowerBuilder), Visual Basic, Access (Visual Basic for Applications), Oracle PL/SQL and Sybase Stored Procedures to name a few....

Call us for all your Website, Database and Custom Application Development needs! .

The Computer Coach Inc. would be happy to submit a proposal for your development project.  Our prices for consulting services are negotiable and we will make every effort to accommodate your budgetary constraints.   Contact us and we will come out to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss your needs in detail.


Phone:  (403) 274-1200

Fax:      (403) 274-1336

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