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Introduction to The Computer Coach Inc. and the services we offer.

Contact Us
An easy-to-use form to submit any questions or comments you may have or to book training.

What's New
Upcoming local events of interest to the IT community.  Links to other sites for software news/ updates.

Join Our Team
How to apply and submit your on-line skills matrix.  Specific CC staffing needs are listed here.

Consulting Services
Information about our areas of expertise for your software development needs.

Training Services
Detailed information regarding courses and pricing options.

Service Policies
The type and level of service you can expect from us.

   Service Overview

     We realize that the quality of our TRAINERS and CONSULTANTS IS the quality of our service.

     We strive hard to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAINERS in the market today for your hard earned dollars.

     Our TRAINERS are EXPERIENCED in both using and teaching computer software. Many also teach at local colleges and universities.

     If you are happy with the quality of instruction you receive from Computer Coach, tell your friends -- if not, PLEASE TELL US.

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   Service Policies

     The Computer Coach offers computer services for clients in their home or business.

     Our services include one-on-one or group training; Custom website, database, and software development; Software installation.

     Training is performed on YOUR computer(s) whenever possible.

     You learn what YOU want and need to learn for your specific business requirements or problem, not a preset course.

     Training, Websites and software development can be done at your work site or the Computer Coach office, whichever is most convenient for YOU...

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Customer Service Guarantee

Technical Support
     The Computer Coach Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau.
     We are committed to your satisfaction or your money back.
     We offer a warranty for all software developed by the company.
     Contact us for more details.
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   Phone:  (403) 274-1200
   Fax:      (403) 274-1336

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